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The first power-crystals have found me when I was seven. They came from a Romanian goldmine. We have visited our relatives living there, for the first time. They were so poor, that giving us a dinner meant real problem for them.
Who knows how that wonderful yellow-white glittering crystal family get into their possession, that I gazed at so charmed. Smaller and larger light was shining around them, it pulsed and captured my sight, when my relative (who knows of what degree) took it from the shelf and gave it to my hands.- This is yours- he said. He was happy to give something and I felt it was a miracle to become the owner of such a treasure. That is how it started.
Later life became rough, after a troubled adolescence, after going out into the world I was a works manager for years at a machine factory in the countryside. Then with a great change I started to work at the Vivarium of the zoo, in Budapest. I worked with spiders, scorpions, tropical insects, snakes. I was the leader of this department for five years, in the meanwhile we went on collecting trips to tropical forests with my good friend, I have travelled a lot. I had the chance to complete courses of different kinds. Later I held myself courses on radiestesia and reiki, initiations for the four elements, but in fact I became an astrologist. 

I got married relatively early, when I was 22, my wife is Ildikó. We have seven kids, a little girl, Diana after six boys. The eldest is the best known, Gábor, who have rowed through the Atlantic Ocean with his girlfriend, Andrea in 2007 using the boat they have planned and constructed. They had the second best time in the world, in pairs.





And then again in 2012 he rowed across the Ocean Atlantic, this time alone, the world's first in canoe.


I carved this sculpture from limestone

The garden

The "Tűzhangya"


The place where we live

She is the youngest

It has been almost twenty years that I make professional horoscope analyses, karmic past and the task for the present life is the area that I have really become engaged with. A few years ago I wrote a book entitled Messages To Ourselves. I wrote about the different qualities of mind, getting in conscious contact with the elements, in connection with the astrological archetypes.


I wrote about 160-180 thousand pages of astrologic analysis by hand and I am grateful to those people, friends who let me look into their lives, problems trustfully, making it possible for me to deepen my knowledge and experiences.

Now that I have turned 49, time has come to open to the world, creating my homepage making a source available for everyone who is interested in this extraordinary world and would like to have a special amulet, but are not in my personal acquaintance.


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