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Getting so far, perhaps the question has arisen if you needed an amulet, if you wanted a personal power-tool that has been constructed and tuned especially for you. Only you can decide.


It is worth to recall tipical, recurrent problems, spiritual, emotional or even physical troubles, in which there would be nice to get some help, and you would be willing to positively work with them, change them.

  • Do you need a mental defence, keeping your energies and aura clean?
  • Do you want to work with energies, get in contact with higher vibrations?
  • Are you responsive to look through the physical manifestation of things, the material world?
  • Would you like to improve your perceptive abilities?
  • Would you like to get in conscious contact with these elements, archetypes or perhaps their elementals?
  • Do you sometimes need a helping impulse of energy to focus your power, will and potential?
  • Would you like to increase, purify your Martian, Lunar or other energies and vibrations?
  • Would you like to nourish and extend the powers that help you to fulfil your task of life?
  • Would you like a special, hand made, individual jewel? Or would you give one to someone you really love?

Well, these are the things to think of. Do not rush! As I mentioned before I make only a few pieces, since it is not a „production” or product, that we talk about. Analysis, meditation, considering marterials, accustoming, carving, tuning is time consuming. Each amulet is a little bit of me as well.

I accept order on an amulet only if I can make it within a reasonable time (a few weeks to max. a year). If you take a chance it is good to send a photo of yourself- although not necessary. I will need your first name, the place and date of your birth, including the country, town, year, month, day, hour, minute, as far it is known. If you have any problems, writing a few sentences about it would be useful. You may tell me what purpose you would like to have the amulet for- for example meditation, spirituality, task of life, contact, protection, healing, personal problems, love, strength, perception, higher consciousness, creativity, inner sight…etc.

As I acknowledge the order, I make your birth chart (so called radix horoscope), analyse the task of life, tune myself to your materials, expectations and make a sketch, of the things, wood, crystal, metal and others to be used to your amulet. This is the first step. I send it back to you with the expected costs.. Making these plans would cost 30 euro. For payment details see Ordering process!


Its an important question that what does an amulet cost. I have to make it clear that it is not the powers that you buy, but the materials, crystals, gemstones, metals, pearls that I use and the time I devote to it.
This has a wide range. The amulet made above in the other chapter – meteorits, sea pearls, ebony, gold – all together is 160 euro. With all the work and tuning it would cost 430 euro.
The prices of the amulets vary between 120 – 480 euro, depending on the materials used. Of course the efficiency of the amulet is not depending on its costs. Much more on the
faith, love, pure intention, knowledge that it is made with, so that it may bring the best, the most beautiful, the most valuable - and whatever more our helpers see in us- out of both you and me. The many hours spent making it, the focused attention, touching energy that codes 


into the creation. I give a detailed description to each amulet about the materials used, and a personal advice of its use, including energetic cleansing.
In the Topics you can find other kind of amulets, I created for intentional effects, such as feminin powers, Venus, creative power, communication, masculin powers, Mars, others. These focus general energies, anybody can wear them, buy them, but this is another cathegory.


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