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The origins of amulets


At the beginning people used different animal or vegetable parts, interesting stones demonstrating courage or skills that in time became jewels.
Later the decoretive,ornamental purpose partially devided from the representation of different powers. Ancients tried to possess the qualities of their prey by wearing their feathers, teeth, claws or skin while crops and coloured stones were rather „just” ornaments. This could have been the dawn of amulets.
In time shamans,
tribal magicians, and medicine men learned to sense and recognize those objects that are carriers of power, and a long process of development has started in connecting the visible and invisible worlds. Recognizing the spiritual powers in objects and attaching elementals, astrological powers, healing powers to objects, especially to crystals was a knowledge and ability of a very few.
Although this complex knowledge is the basis of making amulets.


The eye of Horus is a popular Egyptian amulet


Nowadays there are many kinds of amulets like a rabbit’s foot, a jewel carved with sacred symbols or medals of the trusted saints, that vary according to the culture, belief, magical school, different teachings.
However today there are only a few having
authentic knowledge and perception, so real amulets are slowly vanishing. People wear cheap, mass-produced bijou, costume jewellery instead. Some of them show a pale imitation of some kind of an ancient symbol or pattern, some spiritual content or a pressed image. But even the precious gold and gem stone medals are serial produced and the crystals are artificially grown in them. So people mostly wear theese „empty” things, fashionable or expensive knick-knack, and the symbols on them are barely meaningful even for the maker.
Yet these powers, vibrations are around us all the time, we may use personal objects, amulets to
strengthen our auras, clear our vision, to focus our minds to use our energies more effectively, improve our concentration even now.


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